I think that was the message that appeared when my DCM-6 modem hooked up to my Color Computer 2 connected to a BBS in the US, dialing international long distance from Colombia. Now, we are still connected but how much has changed!

After more than 30 years of that beautiful time in my youth when I discovered computing with a gray Radio Shack Color Computer, that curiosity and that initial passion for these devices has returned, which many times end up forgotten in a closet or thrown away to the trash.

Color Computer 1
My first computer

CoCoByte is the User Group that we started with three friends, Ricardo, Reynaldo and Luis Fernando in Cali, Colombia. This site is dedicated to remembering our initial exploration and documenting it, recovering the programs and restoring the material that we conserve and that still works, testimony of a time contrary to the programmed obsolescence and disposable attitude of modern technology. Thanks to our families, our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends who endured and supported all our madness and endless sleepless nights, typing some BASIC program until they turned off the power or sent us to call from home. It has been a long pause, without a doubt we will continue having fun now that we have a connection that transmits the data faster than we type 🙂